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By Rev. Ted Pike
4 Jan 11

With repeal by Congress of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell," the Anti-Defamation League offered its services to the U.S. military to implement a military version of the hate crimes laws it has proliferated throughout the Western world.

“The League stands ready to use its anti-bias screening expertise to help the service branches implement this new policy, permitting the full integration of gays and lesbians into the armed forces.” (ADL.org, “ADL Hails Historic Repeal of ’Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” Dec. 20, 2010)

The military will now officially allow service members opportunity for same-sex activity on leave (including in homosexual bathhouses) just as military authorities have looked the other way for millennia as soldiers have visited brothels. The general rule is contained in Article 131 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). It only prohibits “conduct which is of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces, or conduct which is prejudicial to good order and discipline.” In other words, discreet sexual activity which does not affect the discipline or reputation of the military probably won’t be prosecuted. A certain element of DADT has thus always existed in the military’s attitude to troops’ sexual activity in their free time.

But ADL will take the repeal of DADT much further if it becomes the teacher of “tolerance” to the armed forces. Historically, free speech in the military has not included the right to publicly criticize or foment insubordination against higher command. But it has allowed Biblically based criticism of fornication, adultery and homosexuality, even from the pulpit by chaplains.

ADL offers educational assistance to implement DADT in order to legitimize and protect sodomy, an activity defined by Christians as a perversion of the laws of God and nature. As with its pro-homosexual hate laws, the educational and enforcement efforts of ADL would be almost certainly two-fold:

1) Elevation of homosexuals to special positions of protection and privilege.

2) Vilification and increased punishment of those who criticize (i.e., “harass,” “intimidate,” “bully”) homosexual soldiers.

The aim of any ADL educational “anti-bias” program for the military will be to condition military personnel to believe Biblically based “hate speech” critical of homosexuality must never be allowed to raise its ugly head.

If ADL is successful, the US military, which has historically been very tolerant of Christians, will punish members who state their conviction that homosexuality is a sin requiring repentance. The armed services will become hostile territory to Christian convictions and will punish believers who refuse to stifle their consciences and remain silent. It will become, more than ever, a mercenary one-world “peacekeeping” force in service of globalist, Zionist goals.

Will Military Take Up ADL Offer?

What are the chances Pres. Obama and the military will say yes to ADL? Very good. ADL, with stellar recommendations from Presidents, top members of Congress, U.S. Attorneys General and heads of the FBI, etc., is viewed as a high-minded, altruistic civil liberties group that can be trusted implicitly to seek only the goals of tolerance, justice, and freedom.

How did ADL get that reputation? Even when Republicans like Reagan and the Bushes were in power, Christian/conservative leaders never said anything critical of ADL. In the first several days of “born again” George W. Bush’s first term as President he was given a special briefing by ADL for more than a day. He finished his presidency lavishly praising ADL/Abe Foxman. To this moment, all religious and political leaders of the right, terrified of ADL’s power to defame and destroy (as just happened to Helen Thomas) continue to fail to expose ADL for what it is - the most dangerous pro-homosexual, pro-hate law, freedom-destroying force on the planet. The religious right, by its silence and appeasement, continues to roll a red carpet of opportunity before ADL, a carpet leading to the highest echelons of power.

Under ADL‘s tutelage, a huge part of the military’s mission will be to search out and destroy “Christian hate and homophobia” rather than actual enemies of freedom. Ironically, if given such power, ADL will probably persuade the military that Biblically based criticism, i.e. “bullying and harassment” of gays, actually constitutes the very conduct which brings “discredit upon the armed forces” and is “prejudicial to good order and discipline!”

ADL will thus continue to fill new vacuums of perverse authority and leadership until it finishes the job of making America a predominantly Judeo-homosexual culture, taking away free speech, criminalizing Christians, and wrecking Christian civilization.

When that happens, who will be most to blame? Those evangelical leaders, who feared ADL much more than God and by their silence empowered it. Today, such leaders are considered esteemed guardians and watchdogs of the political right. Yet, future generations, huddled starving in the frigid gulags of the Judaic New World order, will have only one term to describe those who by concerted action could have saved America: the despised and hated “cowards of Christendom.”


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization. 

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