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By Rev. Ted Pike
22 May 12

Hundreds of thousands are now familiar with my wife’s bizarre and violent death at the hands of demons. Every month, thousands listen to my broadcasts about her or read her story at www.truthtellers.org (See Ted Pike: My Wife Died a Martyr for God and Freedom and Hear Ted Discuss it on the "Ground Zero"). “Ted Pike’s wife” is one of the subjects about me most commonly Googled. Yet some still write to ask: “If both you and Alynn were really pleasing God, how could He let demons take over her mind and kill her?”

Some still wonder if there was secret sin in our lives, depriving us of the protection Scripture guarantees. (If we weren’t in sin, then other Christians might experience similar persecution from the unseen world…a frightening prospect.) Here, apart from all other arguments, is the fact that has given us peace. Jesus promised that when we do all we know to die to ourselves and trust in Him, our souls live within the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Trinity, in all fullness and divinity, dwells in us. We become united with God. Jesus said, "…thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us that they may be one, even as we are one.  I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one…" (John 15:21-23) We are weak, mortal and imperfect in our humanity. Yet our spirits and intentions are united with, and directed by, the God of all creation.

We believed from the Holy Spirit—whom Christ promised would lead us “into all truth”—that ours was a spiritual battle against tremendous forces of evil. They were resisting and trying to destroy us in our leadership against anti-Christ Jewish supremacism. We were convinced we must continue in this mission according to the known will of God until He alone provided His way of escape.

Some have criticized me for “doing nothing.” Anyone familiar with my career knows I am very inclined to action.  But God did not lead us to believe that our hope lay in formulas of exorcism.  We put no stock in the efficacy of crosses around our necks, Scripture verses pinned over doorways, or sleeping with Bibles. How can the “power” of an object or pronouncements of strangers compare to the protection of being in God and God in us? Alynn could have found no greater safety than being where she had been all the days of our marriage, solidly in His will. Some have alleged that as a result of not giving exorcists at least an opportunity to try I condemned my wife to death at the hands of demons. I believe, however, that God and His Holy Spirit were well able to communicate us the need to seek outside help had that been God’s will.

To be frank, I believed and still believe that there is one thing which would have stopped the attacks on my wife: ending our ministry. If we had shut down the website, stopped writing and speaking against anti-Christ, given in to Satan, and closed our hearts to the Holy Spirit’s burden upon us, the assault would doubtless have stopped. But there is no point to life if it is not laid before the cross. I would not want a safe or comfortable life if Christ were not in it. My beloved wife made visible Paul’s proclamation: “To me, to live is Christ, to die is gain.”

If I was negligent in not summoning an exorcist (a very small thing to do), it was because Alynn and I received absolutely no inclination or liberty to do so. We saw our experience, as Job's, as largely unique (at least according to our knowledge of church history). It was one that could not have existed for five years without divine permission. We had to obey Christ as He commanded, “Abide in Me,” knowing, “They shall not be ashamed who wait on the Lord.”

As I have said before, God has allowed many saints to perish at the hands of men incited by demons. I never thought God would allow His precious child Alynn to be directly killed by them. Yet, when it happened, I had no sense of confusion or anger at God. I had the strongest conviction that Alynn, having fulfilled her mission on earth perfectly, was now exactly where God wanted her. Thousands of times in our 27 years of marriage, in all her health afflictions, I said to her, “Honey, you’re right where God wants you.” I rejoice that that place is now paradise.

Some have said that for their “peace of mind” they must believe we had secret sin. Otherwise, what’s to keep the same thing from happening to them or one they love?   Yet our beliefs should not be chosen because they make us comfortable but because they are true. We are certain the God who “dwells in the thick darkness” has the right to do things that are inexplicable, yet He loves us and does all things well. We knew it would be wrong to take action outside His permission.

In response to those saying we should have done this or that, Alynn and I, in death and in life, reply, “To do what a mortal man demands instead of God would be to take action in the flesh. We had to abide where we had always found security, peace, and truth, a place where everyone who trusts and obeys Jesus finds rest – in the hollow of God’s hand.”


This article was largely excerpted from my recent Bible study "Abiding in Christ amid Life's Great Reversals" at www.truthtellers.org.


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization. 

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