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By Rev. Ted Pike
16 Apr 12

It’s astonishing that many sponsors continue to stay with GCB (Good Christian Bitches) when the script is getting even more vulgar and blasphemous. Here’s what happened Sunday night:

GCB opens with the young Ken-doll pastor stealing sermon leaflets from another local church and admitting his competitive feelings toward its pastor, who approaches him with thinly veiled meanness. To help the pastor boost his image, Amanda volunteers to run a church musical. The bitches are appalled at having to audition before Amanda. Cricket—the vicious, cold-hearted business tycoon—tries for the role of the Holy Spirit (!) by singing “This Little Light of Mine,” which Carlene interrupts with her own ear-splitting version. Butting in front of each other like children, Cricket and Carlene continue to serve as the show’s unlikable, laughable buffoons. Carlene wins the role and her husband is awarded the role of Jesus. Cricket haughtily rejects the role of the leper healed by Christ. The competitive pastor stops by to insult rehearsals of the musical and reinforce the stereotype of materialistic, superficial Christians.

At rehearsal, homosexual Blake, in a sparkly silver toga, gyrates his hips and hams it up after being “raised from the dead” as Lazarus. To represent the Holy Spirit, Carlene wears a low-cut, bedazzling white ball gown and a pair of white wings so enormous she can’t pass through doorways. Because she needs Cricket to finance better staging, Amanda rescinds the Holy Spirit role from Carlene and gives it to Cricket. To remain the star, Carlene threatens the musical writer with Scripture and loss of her business. When all the bitches’ egos collide in the church sanctuary, they turn on irreligious Amanda, once again the most reasonable and likable character, who afterward sits in a pew and humbly examines her own character and then helps the bitches reconcile.

Originally a Bible-thumper, Amanda’s mother Gigi has appeared increasingly unchurched and above the shenanigans of the “Christian bitches.” Moderated by Amanda, Gigi shows quiet self-reflection and the ability to apologize and change bad actions—in stark contrast to the queen bees who claim to follow Christ.

In a rare positive moment, Carlene’s husband—in the costume of Jesus—blocks the women from the entrance to the church until they promise to behave properly. In the musical’s opening number, all the cast members dance to Dixie Chicks’ raucous “Just Gotta Dance,” and the actors playing Jesus and the Holy Spirit toast each other with large gold wine goblets. Later the cast sings a Broadway-style song while the Christ and Lazarus characters rock out on electric guitars.

This episode particularly mocks Christian pastors as rivalrous, petty, self-serving, and morally weak. (In the previous episode the bitches’ pastor commanded the entire congregation, married or unmarried, to have sex once a day with their partner for a week.)
Are Christian leaders really weak? It’s hard to affirm that many are upright, strong and courageous when we continue to witness total silence and lack of protest of GCB from the largest Christian leadership groups, denominations, big media, and so-called Christian/conservative “watchdog” groups.

Apart from boycott efforts by the National Prayer Network, One Million Moms (OMM) and the American Decency Association, no major Christian organization is protesting GCB. Are Christian leaders as timid and morally vacillating as GCB portrays them? You decide.

This episode also conspicuously reveals the contempt not only for Jesus but also the Holy Spirit, which the Jews behind GCB feel toward the Holy Trinity (See, The Jews Behind Good Christian Bitches). They feature Cricket, wife of a “Christian" homosexual, who hires male studs to sexually serve her, auditioning to play the Holy Spirit, singing “This Little Light of Mine.” Further trivializing and mocking the Holy Spirit, she offers to buy the role for a donation to the production. Carlene, the witchiest of them all, finally plays the role in a low-cut gown and ridiculous wings. Finally, “Jesus and the Holy Spirit toast each other with large gold wine goblets,” singing campy songs to the tune of electric guitars.

Incredibly, church leadership in America remains silent before such unprecedented blasphemy against Jesus and the Holy Spirit. How very much could have been done by leaders to stimulate protest if Dr. James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Tim and Beverly LaHaye, Hal Lindsey, Pastor John Hagee, Trinity Broadcasting Network and a hundred other evangelical leaders had taken 15 minutes to issue the kind of simple, indignant press release that New York City councilman Peter Valone did, calling for boycott of Disney/ABC and sponsors.

The whole church in America could at least have known of GCB’s affront to Christianity. Yet now it’s over halfway through its season, and most are ignorant of this outrage.

To stand by and watch not only Jesus but now the Holy Spirit desecrated is soul-damning, spiritual failure. Jesus said that if anyone spoke a word against Him it could be forgiven, but if he spoke against the Holy Spirit it would not. This is precisely what the Jews of GCB are doing, hopelessly damning their souls for eternity. Almost as seriously, national church leadership, witnessing such sacrilege, raises no protest.

I truly never thought I would see such magnitude of apathy. All these leaders, who are now silent to come to the aid of Jesus, are strongly pro-Israel. In fact, most have no difficulty rushing to publicly express support for Israel in her times of need. I believe their failure reveals a progressive spiritual and moral rottenness which is the result of protecting Jewish supremacism, media control, and the injustices of Israel for decades. For generations, evangelical leaders and their media have not only strictly protected such Jewish attack groups as ADL from Christian awareness, scrutiny, and criticism but have vigorously censored anything negative against Israel or such Jewish control. This is spiritual whoredom with the great harlot. (See, “Babylon the Great” is Israel) It has now led to the inevitable consequence: “Christian” leaders have more fear of and willingness to protect the descendants of those who crucified Christ and now recrucify Him, than for the Lord Himself.

Truly, we are not simply approaching the “great falling away” prophesied by Scripture; we are in it. We are not anticipating a time when the “very elect if possible, will be deceived.” We are witnessing the great majority of evangelicals deceived by the followers of Christ’s crucifiers.

Yet Scripture says, “When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him” (Is. 59:19) The silver lining to lack of evangelical protest to GCB is that my articles, which, by God’s grace, do sound the necessary alarm and tell the whole truth, now dominate internet search engines. Thousands of thoughtful and sincere evangelicals, lacking leadership in their own ranks, now come to Truthtellers.org. Readership of my articles and attendance to our Biblical Answers online Bible studies have skyrocketed.

Keep protesting to sponsors! Even Christ did not “win” over the Pharisees in a physical way. Instead, by His faithfulness to continue to bear witness to the truth even to death, He accomplished vastly greater and most lasting victories. By taking a stand against incredible evil in our time, we are doing much the same.

The American Decency Association has this encouraging note:

In the first several episodes of GCB, 154 companies have advertised on the show.  Of those 154 advertisers, 112 advertised only one time.  That's a 78-percent withdrawal rate.

In addition, the TV network ratings for last night's episode of GCB were down to their lowest yet -- coming in last place for its time slot against the other major networks.  GCB viewership was down 21 percent from the previous week's episode.

During last night’s episode there was a noticeable increase in ads for ABC programming and local businesses and a decrease in major corporate ads! Your work has had effect.

Don't be discouraged that many sponsors have not publicly declared disapproval of GCB.  The fact that many have aired only one commercial may be evidence that they are sending a strong message to Disney/ABC not to air their ads. Please do your best to call and email, threatening boycott, the new sponsors from the last two episodes.  For the complete list Click Here.


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Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization. 

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