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By Rev. Ted Pike
1 Feb 11

For more than 60 years, Christian and conservative leaders have dutifully accepted Jewish dogma that the Nazis were the historical apex of evil; they accept that the Holocaust exterminated six million Jews and has no parallel in human history. The political right obediently fails to mention that Jewish supremacists inspired and abetted international communism, slaughtering 100 million-plus Christians and Gentiles. (See, Jewish Activists Created Communism) Instead, they parrot that Nazi atrocities are the standard against which all lesser evils are measured. Such cooperation by Christians has been accepted by Jews as their due, as a race which has suffered (primarily at the hands of Christians) more than any other.

Today, Jewish leadership is changing the rules to demand even greater obeisance.

In 2009, after Israel’s horrific siege of Gaza, political cartoonists widely depicted Israeli leadership and military as similar to Nazism. Israel’s PR rep, the Anti-Defamation League, struck back against such critics through its Office of Global Anti-Semitism in the US State Department. The State Dept. agreed that any comparison of Israeli brutality to Nazism or the “Holocaust” is now “anti-Semitic”—a virtual hate crime. (See, Jewish Activist Heads State Department's Office of Global Anti-Semitism)

ADL then began to express even more objections to unauthorized use of Nazi terminology. It is increasingly clear that ADL/world Jewry now claim virtual copyright on such terms. These are words, ADL asserts, which are bound to the unique and sacred suffering of Jews. ADL even teaches it insults the real Holocaust when pro-lifers dare to compare it to the killing of hundreds of millions of unborn babies worldwide. (forward.com “Huckabee’s ‘Holocaust’ Analogy Has ADL Angry” 10.31.07; adl.org “New York State Senator Should Apologize for His Remarks Comparing Abortion to the Holocaust” 3.18.05; adl.org “Letters to the Editor” 3.17.06 )

Rabbis Wants to Hijack Language

Last week, 400 US rabbis, spanning all branches of Judaism from Reconstructionism to Orthodoxy, sent a letter to Fox News demanding that talk show host Glenn Beck be censured. They were irate that he denigrated Holocaust survivor George Soros and has used Jewish-owned terms, such as "Nazi" and "Holocaust," to attack his enemies. The rabbis assert such terms are so enmeshed in Jewish suffering that, when employed to criticize anything less than the magnitude of the Holocaust, such references become not only insulting to the Jewish people but border on actual anti-Semitism.

What used to be right-wing obedience to Jewish desire to vilify Nazis as much as possible is now used against the right - being irrationally portrayed by Jewish leaders as “disrespect of the Jewish dead," a sacrilege. For Beck's insult of using the word “holocaust” inappropriately, and his unfortunate misrepresentation of the youth of Soros, a Holocaust survivor, the rabbis proclaim Beck’s words “monstrous” and “beyond repugnant” in their “anti-Semitic imagery.” (Washington Post.com “Glenn Beck vs. the Rabbis” 1.28.11)

Similar howls and claims of Jewish hurt feelings erupted a week earlier when Sarah Palin described attacks upon her as “blood libel.” Jewish leaders clearly believe “blood libel” is again intellectual Jewish property, a phrase to be used only with Jewish permission and to describe medieval Christian persecution of Jews. To do otherwise, they assert, is perilously close to complicity with those who have actually persecuted Jews throughout history.

Obviously, liberal Jewish leadership is, at the very least, hostile to the religious right. Worse, it is straining to bring about the decline and persecution of those who project Christian values into the political forum. Unable to legitimately accuse loyal Christian followers of Israel, they attempt the next best thing: an illusion that the religious right is abrasive and insensitive to Jewish feelings and past sufferings. Such insensitivity, Jewish supremacists claim, reveals an inclination toward Jew-hatred. Thus, the right is a seedbed for renewed persecution of Jews.

Beck's lack of initial comment only increases public perception that he can't answer his Jewish accusers.

These 400 spiritual leaders of American Judaism are indulging in sinister and manipulative rumor-mongering. Beck, Palin and virtually all major leaders of the religious right are utterly obedient to Jewish/Holocaust/anti-Nazi values. Yet, by turning their very anti-Nazi zeal against them, liberal Jewry hopes to create as many evangelical offenders as possible. They want to blacken the right as anti-Semitic and violence-engendering, worthy of legislation drastically curbing its freedoms.

ADL and SPLC hoped last month that some substantial link would tie Jared Loughner to right-wing or, even better, anti-Zionist organizations. They were disappointed. But these Jewish attack groups are confident that eventually a terrorist assassin (or even an “agent provocateur”) will erupt in violence, armed with generous connections to conservatism. When that happens, liberal Jewry and its big media will consider their present irrational efforts to link Beck and Palin with anti-Semitism to have been a sound propaganda offensive, a vital first step toward outright persecution. (See, Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish)

What Can We Do?

We must not tolerate Jewish attempts to take possession of important, highly descriptive words of the English language. Words and their definitions have tremendous potency for good or evil, empowering enormous movements of history.

In the 1960s, pornography and burning of the flag were made into “free speech.” Abortionists, unable to rationally promote their case for killing the unborn, marketed their gruesome industry as “a woman’s right to choose.” Soon after, sodomy was called “the gay lifestyle.” Now, ADL’s Department of Global Anti-Semitism in the US State Department defines “anti-Semitism” as the New Testament assertion that Jews had Christ killed. (See, The Real Motive Behind the "Department of Global Anti-Semitism")

It is vital that lovers of freedom continue using all of the English language freely in political discourse—even in denunciation. If we stop using certain words because Jewish manipulators claim they are “deeply hurt” by such “uncivil” usage, then we empower these supremacists to demand even more censorship.

Eventually, with only “inoffensive” speech allowed and “hate speech” not tolerated, we will discover we no longer have a working, protective First Amendment. We will no longer have a language capable of condemning evil.

We will no longer have freedom.


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization. 

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