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By Rev. Ted Pike
9 Sept 13

Sounding more like Brother Nathanael Kapner than any other mainline talk show host, fellow Jew Michael Savage tore into Israel and the Jewish lobby recently on his national radio show. He suspects Israel is behind efforts to dramatize gassing of civilian Syrians, pushing America into attacking Syria.

"Who's behind this? Who's pushing it? Well, I suspect it was Israel all along. It's Israel pushing the United States - and England and France and Italy and Germany - to strike [President Bashar] Assad ... So it's Israel that wants Assad's air force neutralized."

The Newsmax article quoting Savage said he

"noted a Fox News report that the initial confirmation the Assad regime was responsible for a suspected chemical weapons attack Aug. 21 came from a tip from the Israeli intelligence service." "What we know is that Israel is deeply involved in the war drum beating…Israel is pulling [President] Obama's strings...If you can get America and France and Italy and Germany to act for you and they're foolish to risk a third world war, why not?...Put your own interests ahead of the world, what do you care?" I'm sick of this slavish worship of Israel. No, it's America first and Israel's the tail, not the dog... I'm sick and tired of America being yanked around like we're the tail and they're the dog."

Haaretz recently confirmed Jewish interest in pushing America into another Mideast conflict. The largest U.S. Jewish groups, including the Anti-Defamation League, are pressuring Obama to attack Syria. ADL's Abe Foxman said Jews, themselves claiming victimization under gassing by Nazis, are particularly empathetic with Syrian victims of gas attacks. U.S. armed forces have neutralized military threats against Israel in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Jewish lobby would be delighted to see Syria, historically Israel's greatest threat in the Mideast, similarly brought to shambles.

Not since Presidential reporter Helen Thomas (see Who's 'Spewing Venom' - Helen Thomas or WorldNetDaily?) has a major public figure spoken out so bluntly against Israel. Will the Jewish-dominated media pillory Savage as they did Thomas? (See Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish) Probably not, if Savage does not continue his criticism and while public skepticism about the necessity of a U.S. attack is so high. But very much more of this from Savage, and Jewish attack groups are sure to savage him.

Beat them to the draw. Leave your message of support for Savage at his tip line. (Email: michaelsavage@paulreveresociety.com or call: 1-800-449-8255)

Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization. 

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