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By Rev. Ted Pike
5 Dec 11

In Senate testimony in 2009, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder made it clear there is no equality under the federal hate crimes law, the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act. The hate law promises equal protection from violent hate crimes to all religious people. Yet Holder revealed it really only protects favored religions such as Judaism and Islam. Their adherents won’t be prosecuted under the law even if they commit acts which fulfill the government definition of a hate crime. Christians merit no such protection. Holder indicated that if a Christian commits a bias-motivated crime he will be prosecuted to the full extent of hate crimes law. This can include triple penalties.
The federal hate law, claiming to fight bias, is itself blatantly unequal and discriminatory. (Watch Ted Pike's Holder Admits: No Equality Under Hate Bill)

The Jewish Anti-Defamation League boasts that it is architect of the federal hate law as well as 45 U.S. state hate laws (ADL.org). Over the last year we have seen the federal law enforced to the benefit of some and downfall of others. Consider two strikingly similar cases, one involving “bias-motivated” violence by Christian against Christian and the other by Jew against Jew.

Example 1:

Bishop Sam Mullet is the leader of an Amish sect near Berkholz, Ohio. Mullet has been in conflict with fellow Amish who do not subscribe to his authority and doctrines. Throughout September and October, partly with Mullet’s knowledge, his followers allegedly assaulted rival Amish men, cutting off their beards and inflicting lesser indignities.

The FBI, on authority of the federal hate law, arrested Mullet, his three sons and three followers for the hate crime of attacking a symbol sacred to Amish men, their head and beard. Punishment for those indicted can be ten years in federal prison. This vastly exceeds what the actual crime deserves. Most assaults of this degree are punished by a fine and community service.

Summary: Christian fundamentalists commit largely symbolic acts against fellow fundamentalists, resulting in no significant physical harm—and face a possible ten-year prison sentence. The government considers loss of facial hair and temporary loss of dignity an offense worthy of federal prosecution. The FBI is taking this case "very, very seriously" and is determined to send a powerful message that hate crimes will not be tolerated in America under the new federal hate law (See FBI arrests 7 Amish on hate crimes charges).

Example 2:

David Twersky is the powerful Grand Rabbi of the Skver sect of Hassidic Judaism in New Square, New York. He has been in conflict with fellow ultra-Orthodox Jews who do not accept his authority and doctrines. One dissenter is Aron Rotenberg who prefers another synagogue. Rotenberg says he and his family have been victims of numerous threats from Twersky’s followers. On May 22, 2011 Rotenberg was attacked outside his home by 18-year-old Shaul Spitzer, Twersky’s butler who lived in Twersky's home. Spitzer tried to burn down Rotenberg’s house. Both men were severely burned, requiring hospitalization. Rotenberg suffered third-degree burns over half of his body. “According to residents of New Square, Spitzer is part of a network of up to forty men and boys who defend the Grand Rabbi with intimidation and violence.” (See New Square arson attack at Wikipedia).

The persecuted dissenter and his lawyers called for civil rights action against Twersky and Spitzer, including possible prosecution under the federal hate law.

No hate crimes charges were ever filed against Twersky or Spitzer.

Summary: Orthodox Jewish fundamentalists may commit a violent bias-motivated crime against a fellow Orthodox Jew yet that is not considered a hate crime. Jews, even as criminals motivated by religious hate, are not prosecuted as hate criminals. Rotenberg faced a year of recovery and unemployment following repeated surgery and skin grafts. Yet Holder’s FBI did not consider him the victim of a hate crime. His assailant Spitzer was indicted under civil charges of arson and second-degree murder.

Selective Hate Law Enforcement

Because the federal hate law was so criticized over the past 13 years (defeated four times before final passage in 2009), its defenders, primarily the U.S. Justice Department and ADL, have been reluctant to enforce it vigorously. Its blatant inequality makes it extremely vulnerable to repeal (Read the text of the "anti-hate" bill with Ted Pike's commentary).

The above incidents confirm what we have warned from the beginning---the federal hate law will be used selectively to the primary disadvantage of whites, Christians and traditionalists. Hate law convictions of conservative extremists will provide grist for a propaganda message that the right is a source of bigotry, violence, even terrorism. Meanwhile, Jews, Muslims, homosexuals, blacks, and Latinos, etc. will not be considered potential hate crime perpetrators. Even when they hatefully attack each other, their misdeeds will not ascend beyond the much lesser punishments of civil law.

It is a plain fact that hate laws were conceived by Jewish supremacists who hate Christians. It is has always been their intention to use hate laws to harry, persecute, and ultimately destroy Christianity.

Opposition to the federal hate law must revive in the Republican/Tea Party ranks. The Amish and the Jewish assaults are both motivated by hate but the government should not pry into the ideological beliefs of criminals. It should stick with prosecuting the crime. Both assaults should be tried simply as assaults.

Before the FBI, Attorney General, and ADL are able to initiate more cases, and with the help of corrupt federal judges create a tangle of legal hate crime precedent, the religious right should again loudly protest the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act. It should aggressively set in motion efforts to have the federal hate law declared unconstitutional.

If we do not take action soon, only the second coming of Christ will remove its oppressions from us.


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization. 

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