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By Rev. Ted Pike
13 Aug 09

It is time that dialogue at town hall meetings expands from Obama’s healthcare plan to a greater conspiracy: Obama’s hate bill plan to take away free speech in America!

This summer, protesters at town hall meetings, as well as “tea party” protests, have not spoken out against the hate bill, partly because they think that, having passed both Houses of Congress, the hate bill issue is dead.

It is not dead - especially considering the upheaval of town hall protests against Democrats going on right now! The hate bill still has three legislative steps to go through before it becomes law: 

1.    Approval by Democrat and Republican conferees in conference between the House and Senate this September;
2.    Final approval by a majority vote of both House and Senate;
3.    Signing by the President.

In the previous Congress, the hate bill was similarly approved by House and Senate yet failed to become law because of discord in Democrat ranks. That can happen again if enough pressure on Democrats and Obama is applied. Town hall and tea party protests this summer should shout loud and clear, “We will not stand for a hate crime gestapo, like Canada’s, being established in America, ending free speech!”

As a result of massive healthcare protest coming to President Obama’s White House comment line, it is now difficult to call 1-202-456-1111 and leave the message: “Mr. President, we will never forgive or forget if you sign the freedom-destroying, pedophile-protecting hate bill.” Patriots should instead repeatedly fax that message all summer to the White House at 1-202-456-2461.

Shifting Tactics

In order to save free speech, we must make sure every town hall meeting and tea party includes generous hate bill protest. This should include such tactics as questions and argumentation with members of Congress against the hate bill, chants of “No hate bill!” by crowds, and “Stop hate bill!” signs and banners.

At Truthtellers.org is the list of all House and Senate members who voted for the hate bill. (Click Here for list.) At your upcoming town hall meeting, pin down your Democrat member of Congress with questions such as these:

•    “Attorney Gen. Holder testified in the Senate Judiciary Committee that there is no equal justice under the hate bill. He said the hate bill will not protect whites, ministers, males, police and soldiers. It will only protect such minorities as homosexuals, Jews, Muslims, blacks and Latinos. Why did you vote for a bill that discriminates against most Americans?”
•    “In dozens of countries of the western world, hate laws just like the federal hate bill you voted for have led to an end of free speech. In Canada, England, France and Australia, it is a federal crime to criticize homosexuals or Muslims. With this record of abuse, why did you vote for it?”
•    “Sen. Harry Reid said the hate bill would give special protection to Muslims over most Americans. Why did you vote for such discriminatory legislation?”
•    “Congressmen Steve King and Louie Gohmert said the hate bill violates the 14th Amendment, giving special rights and protections to homosexuals and even homosexual pedophiles. Why did you vote for this pro-pedophile bill?”
•    “In Senate Judiciary testimony, Attorney Gen. Holder could present no examples of a state not adequately enforcing laws against hate crimes. Yet the hate crimes bill gives the federal government the powers of a police state to take over local hate crime enforcement any time it wants. Why did you vote to give police state powers to the government?”

These are some questions which could “prime the pump” toward greater participation of town hall attendees to oppose the hate bill. Don’t be shy. Its ok to read the question. You don’t have to debate the answer you are given. Every question relating to the hate bill will stimulate protesters to consider it an important, expected part of town hall opposition this summer.

One More Chance to Kill the Hate Bill

Here's a recap of strategy to back down Obama.

Watch NPN’s new 7-1/2-minute video, “Town Hall Outrage Can Kill the Hate Bill!” Publicize and email it to as many as possible. Repeatedly fax the President with the message, “Mr. President, we will never forgive or forget if you sign the freedom-destroying, pedophile-protecting hate bill.” The fax number is 1-202-456-2461.

Also, print out NPN’s new flyer, “Hate Bill Ends Free Speech: Back Obama Down from Signing It!” at Truthtellers.org. (Flyer is also located at the bottom of this e-alert.) Copy it by the hundreds, even thousands, distributing by email and at town hall/tea party events.

Even if we can’t easily get through on the White House phone line, we can be sure of one thing: If there is enough grassroots protest to the hate bill, bruised Democrats will tell Obama the people are not just against a law that ends quality healthcare; they are just as much against a law that ends our First Amendment right to speak out boldly and publicly on any issue.

If Democrats encounter enough hate bill flak this month, here is the likely message they will send Obama: “Take it very slowly, Mr. President, in signing the hate bill. In this time of anti-Democrat rebellion, perhaps it is better to let the hate bill go and start promoting our family values agenda, preparing for midterm elections a year from now. If you rush forward and sign legislation as inflammatory as the hate bill, a lot of us, including you, could end up out of office.”

View and Download the Flyer Here.

Flyer Preview:



Let the Anti-Defamation League teach you how they have saddled 45 states with hate laws capable of persecuting Christians, and spearhead attempts to pass the federal hate crimes bill: http://www.adl.org/99hatecrime/intro.asp.

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