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By Rev. Ted Pike

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, in his recent “Toward Tradition” TV programs, on Trinity Broadcasting Network, is saying that Evangelical Christians are under “relentless attack” from “Secular Judaism.” As such, he says, only he, as an orthodox rabbi, is in a unique position to resist it.

Why? Probably because only he, as a Talmudic, Zionist, Jew of Jews, can withstand Secular Judaism’s inevitable accusation of “anti-semitism.”

This “Secular Judaism” the rabbi is referring to is, of course, B’nai B’rith International and its Anti-Defamation League. It also includes such lesser satellites as the American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress, the Jewish Defense League, and a myriad of Jewish organizations under the vast umbrella provided by B’nai B’rith.

In a recent e-alert entitled “Needed: New Jewish Exodus from ADL/B’nai B’rith Bondage,” I suggested that a new “Moses,” an eminent Jewish leader such as Rabbi Lapin, might lead Jews of good intention out of subservience to B’nai B’rith’s evil influence. It is heartening to hear Rabbi Lapin requesting the support of TBN viewers as he seems to be wanting to do just that.

Rabbi Lapin now joins with ultra orthodox Rabbi Yisrael Weiss in protesting the evil leadership of “Secular Judaism.” Theirs is no easy task. B’nai B’rith is not some “far left” radical secularist group that does not represent the true feelings of world Jewry. Although many Jews disagree with some of its policies, it remains the presiding social, moral, and political guidance system for world Jewry. It represents all branches of Judaism. These span Reformed Judaism on the left to Hassidic Judaism on the far right. In fact, B’nai B‘rith, on its website, describes itself as the “body and soul of the Jewish world” and “B’nai B’rith is a synonym for organized Jewry.”

Today, B’nai B’rith’s antichristianity includes stripping America of its Christian symbols and observances and creating “anti-hate laws” worldwide. Such laws end free speech and persecute Christians.

Rabbi Lapin has awarded Abe Foxman, head of the ADL, with Judaism’s “Our Own Worst Enemy Award.” Lapin correctly perceives that, more than any threat from Gentiles, ADL/B’nai B’rith is stimulating a surge of anti-semitism throughout the world by its arrogance and anti-Christian abrasiveness. In soliciting the financial help of both Christians and Jews to oppose “Secular Judaism,” Rabbi Lapin has a huge fight on his hands.

Thousands of years ago, God instructed the Jews being exiled to Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar that, in the lands of their exile, they should seek the welfare of their Gentile neighbors. He said that in the peace of these Gentiles they, also, would find peace. (Jer. 29:4-8)

ADL/B’nai B’rith has specialized in doing the opposite, assaulting the values and freedoms of nations of the world.

Yet, Rabbi Lapin wants to bring Jews back to obedience to the instructions God gave to the exiles under Jeremiah. Few Jewish leaders over the past 2,000 years have had such courage.

Is Rabbi Lapin the “second Moses” I wished for to lead sincere Jews out of ADL/B’nai B’rith bondage? Time will tell.

Right now, he deserves the encouragement of all who love freedom!

Rabbi Daniel Lapin can be contacted at Toward Tradition, P.O. Box 58, Mercer Island, WA 98040 and 1-800-591-7579.

For an interview with Rev. Ted Pike on the threat of “Secular Judaism,” call 503-631-3808.

For many articles on the threat of “Secular Judaism,” visit www.truthtellers.org

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