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"The Naked Truth About ENDA"
by Christina Elford, Tea Party Supporter and admirer of
the National Prayer Network.

(Click Here to learn more about the video and Christina Elford.)

NPN Videos Reveal the Dangers of Hate Laws:
The federal hate bill was passed on October 28, 2009. But because of very high continuing interest in the following videos, most of which were pivotal in fighting it, NPN is keeping them up.

'Town Hall Meeting Outrage Can Kill Hate Bill!' [7.5 min] (10 August 2009)

'Holder Admits: No Equality Under Hate Bill ' [10 min] (29 June 2009)

View in High Definition CLICK HERE!

'Stop The Pedophile-Protecting Hate Bill' [10 min] (3 May 2009)


'Farah Calls Ted Pike a Lying Anti-Semite' [8 min]



Hate Law Jihad: How Hate Laws Make Criminals of Islam's Critics (Mar 09)

How To Kill The Hate Bill (Mar 09)

Gaza Made Simple for Christians (Jan 09)


Hate Bill Lies: Exposed! (Jan 09)


Betrayed: How New Right Leaders Endangered Freedom (Oct 07)



Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians


The Other Israel


Why the Mid-East Bleeds


Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance





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