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Christian Free Speech on Campus

Are you angry that public education is dominated by anti-Christian, secular values?


Are you frustrated that there seems so little Christians can do about it?  


Have you even come up against censorship?

Well, we have good news for you! Something is being done!  


Truthtellers will show you a powerful new way to restore Christian values on campuses everywhere. As Christian students and parents, we tried this program for a school year at Mt Hood Community College near Portland, Oregon, with spectacular results. Throughout the year, the whole campus heard truth and the gospel instead of liberal propaganda. The pro-gay faculty who tried to stop us were thwarted.  

Our program begins with the tax-supported or tuition-supported campus newspaper. Being tax-supported, the campus newspaper is virtually obligated to print well-reasoned letters from students. Yet very few Christians on secular campuses take advantage of this fruitful opportunity to extend Christian influence.

Using a pool of about six letter-writers, we rotated letters to the editor and columns all year.

Result: one out of every two issues of our campus newspaper featured a powerful, Christian/conservative article. Thus, a boring, liberal newspaper was enlivened all year with persuasive articles affirming Christian and patriotic values.

Find out what happened to us, and how we effected change! Read our article and/or order our video, "Shaking Campus Liberalism." Also, read through the list of FAQ's we have compiled to help you affect your campus.



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