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ADL/Barnes & Noble Unite Against “Hate Crimes”

Behind the smokescreen of "tolerance", bookstore promotion encourages "intolerance" of Christian views on homosexuality

by Rev. Ted Pike

Your friendly local Barnes & Noble bookstore is not so friendly to Christians any more. It has teamed up with the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL) to encourage your children to learn about homosexuality and protect the gay life-style from criticism by fellow classmates.

At the same time, behind the smiling mask of "respect for diversity," they subtly imply that Christianity, with its condemnation of sodomy, is "homophobic." Homophobia, this educational outreach asserts, is the irrational fear of homosexuality - a form of "hate crimes."

Yet most people, even Christians, upon entering a Barnes & Noble bookstore and perusing the "anti-hate crimes" materials presented, would respond, "But this is not anti-Christian. It is about love, tolerance, respect for diversity, not judging others. Those are Christian virtues. This is against hate!"

Yet, this promotion is anti-Christian. Here's how: Christianity believes in a holy God who condemns rebellion against Himself (sin). As such, Christianity claims that through God's Biblical revelation of His will for mankind, with its Ten Commandments, man can not only possess a personal knowledge of what is right and wrong, but has the right to inform such persons as homosexuals that they are "sinners" and in violation of God's law.

The Christian views his duty to warn such persons, not as an act of "hate," but of love and mercy, performed in hope the homosexual might repent and escape an eternity in hell.

The ADL/Barnes & Noble campaign takes the opposite perspective. It implies that all humanity, including homosexuals, are basically good. Thus, we should approach all such persons and groups devoid of any pre-judgment. And even if, after investigating, we disagree with them, who are we to claim that we are "right" and they are "wrong?" Thus, the only persons who are truly "bad" are those who pre-judge others.

Why so bad? Because, according to the ADL perspective, such "negative stereotyping" has been proven to spawn persecution, violence, the Holocaust, gay-bashing, and school shootings.

How does the ADL define "hate"? It teaches that bias and hate are the same. According to the ADL, bias is "pre-formed negative opinion" against a group. The ADL portrays it as the great evil that begets almost every other evil. And what religion is loaded to overflowing with "pre-formed negative biases" against various categories of sin and "sinners?" You guessed it. Christianity.

Thus, hovering in the darkness that surrounds the sweetness and light of the ADL/Barnes & Noble bookstore, is Christianity. No, Christianity is not named specifically as the source of "hate" in our culture; yet it is everywhere implied.

The best way to end such hate and hate crimes, the families who enter Barnes & Noble are instructed, is to take part in the current "close the book on hate" program, which encourages reading pro-homosexual literature, such as "Growing Up Gay" and "Overcoming Heterosexualism and Homophobia," learning to appreciate the gay rights movement, and valuing the contributions and "diversity" which homosexuals bring to our community.

Only by understanding the homosexuals' point of view, ADL/Barnes & Noble contend, can you and your children unlearn the "negative stereotyping" against the gay life style which Christianity's homophobia may have imprinted upon you. In fact, the ADL's free pamphlet, "101 Ways to Combat Prejudice," encourages parents, children, students and student bodies to sign and recite a pledge recognizing that "opposing...homophobia...is a responsibility of all people."

What are the real, long-range goals of the ADL/Barnes & Noble campaign? At present, the ADL's top priority is passage of S625 (HR1343), The Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act of 2001. The ADL's "anti-hate crimes" bill would set up an anti-hate bureaucracy in America, presided over by the Justice Department, FBI, and ADL, which would make homosexuals a special federally protected group and criminalize those who verbally "intimidate" them.

As a result of pressing legislation during the 107th Congress and the terrorist threat, Congress was not able to rubber-stamp the Orwellian legislation in 2001. Hence, the ADL is orchestrating a massive propaganda program to marshal public opinion behind passage of S625 early this year. This delay means freedom-loving Americans may still have a few precious months to build momentum for our own grass-roots program to warn Congress and legislators against the peril to freedom of speech posed by S625.

Have you phoned or sent your emails, faxes, and telegrams to your elected Senators and Representatives, protesting S625?

I hope you will. The ADL is betting you won't.

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