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New Video Designed to Help Save Free Speech

by Rev. Ted Pike

In the fall of 2000, I embarked on the creation of a video not only powerful enough to wake up the average American to the danger of "anti-hate" legislation, but more specifically, to be well received by those state and federal legislators who will ignorantly vote anti-hate laws into reality.

This eighty-minute video, "Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians," follows all the slippery maneuvering of the Anti-Defamation League, architect of anti-hate laws, in its attempt to deprive Americans and Canadians of their free speech. In creating this video, I filmed in front of the ADL headquarters in Seattle, Washington, and in front of police headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia. I talked with police anti-hate units throughout Canada. The result is a video that, if a legislator or his aides watch it, will forever prejudice them against not only the sham of anti-hate legislation, but also those who conceived it, the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith.

This is a documentary meant for those legislative aides who occupy politicians' offices in local legislatures, and in Washington, D.C. and Ottawa. Since it does not avoid legal details, this video will appeal to those American and Canadian legislative aides interested in comparing anti-hate legislation in both countries. Although this video is eighty minutes in length, I believe any legislative aide who starts watching will have great difficulty turning it off, and great difficulty not telling his representative about it.

Thus, rather than simply reacting to oppressive legislation coming down from governments, I am sending a video missile directly into the wellsprings of legislation. If enough of these videos are sent, I believe we can bring the momentum of anti-hate laws in America and even, perhaps, in Canada, to a standstill.

What Can You Do?

But you may ask: How can we get busy representatives and their staffs to actually watch this video? Originally, I had thought of a massive blitz of videos, sent by the National Prayer Network to legislators in Washington and Ottawa. "It wouldn't work," Willis Carto, publisher of "The American Free Press," told me. "All those Congressmen care about is getting elected. You should try to get your supporters around the country to phone legislators from their districts and ask them to watch it. They have to be responsive to their constituents, or not get elected next term."

So I tried Carto's plan. First, I called my local library for the names, addresses, and phone numbers of my state and federal representatives. After giving her the precinct and district numbers on my voter's registration card, the librarian quickly and cheerfully gave me the information.

Then I called my representatives. When I told them I was one of their constituents and had a video on hate laws legislation, which they must watch, their legislative aides cheerfully promised to view it. In fact, one state senator, answering the phone, objected when I suggested that I send it to an aide. He insisted he wanted to watch it personally.

If you will obtain a promise to watch this video from your elected state or federal representatives, or you will promise to send it to a person of influence, then, while the supplies last, the National Prayer Network will provide you with any number of below-cost copies of "Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians." Cost is $4.00 per video plus nominal shipping charge.

Can You Do More?

In addition, contributions above cost of videos will be used to send videos to many other areas highly propagandized by the ADL, key members of the Justice Department, state and attorney generals' offices, state and municipal civil rights divisions, conservative political organizations, talk show hosts, etc. At this moment our free speech is literally hanging in the balance. In creating this video, I have done as much as I personally can to save freedom. Now it is up to you. If you can change the vote of even a few of the representatives from your district from Yes to No on anti-hate legislation, you will have scored a tremendous victory for freedom.

In 1971, when Canada's hate law was passed, Canadians were asleep. But today, with your help and the help of God, I believe we can awaken this nation and our representatives from the sleep of death that is heading us into the anti-hate nightmare. Together, through the truth in this video, we can dampen the zeal and momentum of "thought police" rhetoric in Congress and state legislatures. In short, we can preserve free speech for ourselves and our children - at least in our time.

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