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Is Bias “Hate Crimes”?

FBI/ADL police manual tells us it is "hateful" to "bias" our children against homosexuality

by Rev. Ted Pike

In order to fulfill its dream of ending free speech in America, the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL) must twist definitions of the most fundamental words and terms upon which freedom rests.

For example, the ADL, in their "Training Guide for Hate Crime Data Collection," the standard FBI reference manual for every police department in America, is loaded with implications that opposition to homosexuality is "hate" and Bible-believing Christianity is a religion of hate. It says that those who hold "pre-formed opinions" against homosexuality are "biased" and implies bias is synonymous with "hate." "A bias crime," it says, "is the same as a hate crime."

On the other hand, the FBI/ADL regard homosexuals as innocent victims of such unreasoning "hate." "...There is nothing such a person can do; indeed, nothing he/she ought to do to change his/her...sexual orientation."

For the past eleven years, since the "Hate Crimes Statistics Act of 1990" authorized such ADL guidelines, law enforcement has been subtly prejudiced against Christianity. Because Christians are members of an organization in which a "historically established animosity exists between the victims and offenders groups," the ADL/FBI manual implies that Christians are high-profile suspects of bias and possible "bias incidents" against homosexuals.

Yet bias and hate are not the same. Pre-formed biases are necessary to life - warning us against danger and evil. A person without normal biases is like a rabbit without fear of the fox. For the rabbit, aversion to danger is Nature's instinctive "pre-formed bias" that the fox is dangerous and to be avoided. Biases, as long as they are not hurtful and vindictive, can, thus, save the lives of rabbits and humans.

Homosexuality, with its disgusting and unnatural practices, creates a revulsion (bias) in normal people. It is thus natural, not "bigoted" to convey such "bias" to our children. Such warning is not "hate," but an expression of our love and concern toward our cherished youth.

In fact, "hate" toward sexual perversion, which would ruin their young lives, is not a vice, as the FBI/ADL contend, but a positive virtue. Scripture says, "Ye that love the Lord hate evil" (Ps. 97:10). A society that, because of false requirements of "tolerance," is not permitted to hate evil, is a society that does not love those within its care. A culture that cannot hate evil is one destined to be overcome by evil.

There is a "good" hate of evil that preserves life, and a "bad" hate that destroys life. Bad hate despises another human being, made in the image of God, and does not care whether he lives or dies. The Bible-believing Christian never embodies such malice, nor expresses it to any one, including homosexuals.

Why is the ADL so determined to change normal bias into "hate?" It is simple. The ADL could never persuade Congress to outlaw Christianity outright. But they can persuade Congress to outlaw hate, and in doing so, outlaw Christianity as a form of hate. The ADL has thus carefully spread a finely woven net under Christianity which, when the "anti-hate" trap is sprung, will catch up Christianity in the toils of persecution - with little hope of escape.

What can we do? Just as terrorists' anthrax is destroyed under radiation, so the faxes, emails, telegrams or phone calls of outraged patriots bombarding elected representatives (especially in protest against the ADL's hate law S625) can destroy the ADL's "verbal sabotage" against freedom.

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