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8 March, 2006 By Rev. Ted Pike

Last fall the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith reeled from a tidal wave of public protest to their "anti-hate bill." Now a coalition of powerful pro-hate bill senators, led by Carl Levin and Joe Lieberman, are attempting to pass legislation that will severely hamper such citizen activism.

Levin and Lieberman's hidden agenda is contained within several federal lobbying reform bills:

  • "Lobbying Transparency and Accountability Act of 2005," S.2128.
  • "Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2006," S.2180.

Dr. Dobson Warns Us

Dr. James Dobson alerts: "Senator McCain, who authorized the Lobby Reform Bill did not include language that put constraints on grassroots activists, but Senators Joe Lieberman and Carl Levin added an amendment to do just that."

Keri Houston, spokesperson for The Lobby Sense, explains what Levin and Lieberman added:

"Specific provisions of these bills would diminish the citizen voice and significantly reduce the ability of grassroots organizations to continue to express and promote the people's will… The legislation defines grassroots lobbying as any attempt to influence the public… Legions of citizen organizations, small businesses, and even individuals would become subject to onerous registration and reporting requirements, simply because they were trying to motivate the public to support a position or a point of view."

A Solution in Search of a Problem

Especially after the recent Abramoff bribery scandal, it is proper for Senator McCain's bill, as it was originally written, to address lobbying abuses.

Yet America does not have a problem with too much public concern and activism at the grassroots level. Just the opposite. Civic apathy, not activism, is the overwhelming threat to the preservation of freedom.

Levin and Lieberman don't see it that way. After all, last year grassroots America defeated their cherished federal hate bill. It voted down same-sex marriages. It forced NBC to cancel its blasphemous program "The Book of Daniel."

This displeases Jewish activists like Levin and Lieberman. They want grassroots America subject to the same suspicions and restrictions imposed on high-rolling federal lobbyists and members of Congress.

How is that done? Levin and Lieberman first define "grassroots lobbying" as the act of communicating your views to the government. If you made a call last year to Congress expressing your point of view, you were involved in grassroots lobbying. Levin and Lieberman would still permit such local activism.

But if an individual or organization attempts to encourage calls to members of Congress and receives donations or payments toward that end totaling $50,000 during a three-month period, they must register with the federal government as a "grassroots lobbyist firm." They must file extensive reports to satisfy federal curiosity concerning the financial details of such lobbying. Penalty for not cooperating: $100,000.

Rather than encouraging grassroots activism, Levin and Lieberman's amendments give the federal government rights to regulate free speech. They are attempting to solve a "problem" which throughout American history, and especially today, has never been shown to exist!

What Do ADL/Levin/Lieberman Really Want?

These thought crimes advocates want to establish an Orwellian bureaucracy in America, like Canada's, taking away free speech. They resent the power of the common man to thwart legislation vital to their objectives. They feel the power of grassroots America to protest, and be protected in doing so, must be diminished.

This is the situation in Canada under ADL/B'nai B'rith's Canadian hate law, passed in 1971. In Canada one does not just speak his mind, even to a Member of Parliament. He looks to see if a policeman is watching or listening. He asks, "Is my opinion tolerant enough? Will some federally protected group be offended, reporting me to the hate crimes gestapo? After all, I could spend up to five years in prison and be fined $10,000 for an honest but careless remark."

This summer a Canadian citizen did not properly ponder such issues. He sent an email to his MP in Parliament, critical of illegal aliens. The MP judged that this unregulated "citizen lobbyist" was holding up a protected minority to contempt. He had the man arrested for violation of Canada's federal hate law.

ADL's Long-Term Goal

ADL, Levin, and Lieberman want Americans just as intimidated as Canadians. They want us so fearful of our own government that an ADL-dominated thought crimes bureaucracy can pass whatever legislation it wants, unrestrained by citizen protests.

Right now ADL and their frontmen in the U.S. Senate are attempting to pass legislation which will take America in the same direction as Canada.

Don't let them do it!




Tell them:
"Please don't vote for restrictions on grassroots lobbying. Strip out Sections 204 and 105 from the federal lobbying reform bills."

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