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11 April, 2006 By Rev. Ted Pike

As Easter approaches, Christians should expect no more respect from the Jewish media than they received last Christmas.

On December 20, 2005 CBS’ 48 Hours pondered the “mystery” of Christ’s birth. Its producers weren’t interested in how infinite God could love us enough to become finite man. It did not ponder how the Creator of the universe could humble Himself to be born in a barn and wearily walk, sometimes 40 miles a day, across the dusty roads of Judea, inviting souls to spend eternity with Him. They didn’t marvel that He allowed Himself to be mocked, spit upon, and finally crucified by those He came to save.

No, this Jewish-owned network considered a mystery it found far more intriguing: was Christ a bastard? CBS reporter Maureen Maher listened with reverence as her carefully chosen “experts” expressed their opinions:

“Prof. White: There later developed a counter-legend in Jewish tradition that in fact Jesus was the product of an illicit liaison between Mary and a Roman soldier by the name of Pantera.

“Maureen: In fact, archeologists have found the gravestone of a Roman soldier inscribed with the name Pantera…

“Prof. Pagels: What you see in the earliest account of the gospel of Mark is that Jesus is the son of Mary. There’s no mention of a father there. Now it would be very unusual to talk about a Jewish boy as the son of Mary if he had a legitimate father. So it…it…it’s an odd account.

“Maureen: Do you think that Jesus was illegitimate?
“Prof. Pagels: I think we don’t know. Um, but I do know that there was something embarrassing or troubling about the birth of Jesus that caused a lot of questions…It’s not a literal truth that Jesus, um, was born from a mother impregnated by the spirit…

“Maureen: So it questions the entire concept of the virgin Mary…

“Prof. Pagels: Yes, what it does is suggest that it’s…it’s…it’s a mistake to take literally the idea that Jesus was born from a woman who hadn’t conceived from a man.”

Why Such Antagonism?

The “Jewish tradition” to which Prof. White alludes is the Pharisees’ version of Christ’s birth, recorded in their Babylonian Talmud. Today the Talmud is the highest religious and ethical authority for observant Jews. The Jewish Encyclopedia tells us Jesus was a bastard. 1 The Talmud says Mary, mother of Jesus, was an adulteress who "played the harlot with carpenters." 2 It says He was a fool who was excommunicated for the thought of seducing a woman. In His ensuing grief and confusion fell down and started worshipping a brick. 3 He was executed because He was a sorcerer and apostate. 4 He is now in hell, wallowing amid boiling hot excrement. 5 Jews are encouraged to denigrate the name of Jesus and "lecture upon it to his disadvantage." 6 Such clearly encourages the kind of anti-Christian propaganda emanating from the Jewish media today.

Teaching Talmud at CBS

This is the sort of thing taught by Lawrence Tisch, a devout Jew who took the reins at CBS in 1987. Tisch and his rabbi held weekly Talmud studies for CBS execs. CBS was founded in 1928 by a Jew, William S. Paley (Palinski). It’s been owned and controlled by Jews ever since. Today, CBS is owned by Viacom, a media colossus headed by Sumner Redstone (Murray Rothstein); Jews permeate every level of CBS management.

The malicious audacity of CBS to profane the Son of God — at the most sacred remembrance of His birth last December — is staggering. CBS presumes to teach Christian America what really happened 2,000 years ago. So does Sony, loaded with Jews in top management positions. 7 Sony Entertainment this year will release the movie version of the blasphemous Da Vinci Code with a screenplay by Akiva Goldsman. Remember, Sony helped produce NBC/Universal's the Book of Daniel sacrilege last winter.

These productions reveal the relentless determination of Jewish anti-Christian activists to supplant Christian revelation with their own. This determination is birthed and nurtured by the Talmud, which encourages Jews to deceive Christians. 8

Unfortunately, we heard no chorus of indignation from Christians last December. Unlike NBC’s subsequent production of the Book of Daniel, this outrage went virtually unprotested.

That silence must be broken. Christian passivity only encourages new assaults from Jewish media.

How Do We Fight Back?

What’s the best way to prevent such sacrilege this Easter? You might phone or send messages to CBS, Sony Pictures, or their partners in blasphemy. But that’s a little like trying to argue the fox out of eating chickens. Massive protests, even boycotts, have been tried for at least 40 years. Today, Jewish media is only more hostile and blasphemous. It initiates; the church belatedly responds.

Another tactic is to respond intellectually. Christian apologists today are marshaling against the Da Vinci Code, writing books and pamphlets to refute the lies of the novel and upcoming film.

But even these good efforts will ultimately fail. No efforts can succeed unless they include the whole truth about the racial and religious agenda of our enemy. To end predations by the fox, we’ve got to give him both barrels. Aimed directly at the fox (or Foxman), one barrel shoots the whole, specific truth about the racial/religious agenda of those destroying America. The other barrel projects the Biblical fact of God’s love and destiny for the Jewish people. Even though they languish in deep spiritual darkness, God has an unfinished spiritual destiny for a remnant of Jews. Out of great tribulation they will finally turn to Christ in true repentance and faith. Such an enlightened perspective, supplied by Biblical revelation, assures us that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It also assures the world and church that we do not hate Jews; we only hate the actions of their evil leaders. (See "Bible Prophecy Made Simple").

Concerned Christians and conservatives must speak the whole truth about those evil Jewish leaders on whatever platform we can find. Educate yourself at our website, Forward my articles to friends. Post blogs. Speak up in church. Call in to talk radio. Show our dynamic videos to your church or civic group.

This double-barreled approach is as old as the Hebrew prophets. They excoriated Jewish leaders for their sins, yet never forgot God’s ultimate plan to reconcile a repentant Jewish remnant to Himself. Their loving reproof had no resemblance to historic anti-Semitism, which can be as satanic as those it attempts to curtail.

Love Enough to Rebuke

Today, worldwide Jewish leadership is free to attack Christianity because virtually no one is speaking the whole truth in love.

Afraid of cursing God’s chosen people, evangelical Christians have refused to speak or even see the whole truth. Instead, they cravenly support Israel’s leaders, the vilest of men, and remain baffled about why those evil Jewish leaders attack them. Their one-barreled approach tries to give love but lacks the cleansing power of truth. Having lost their Biblical "salt," it is little wonder that Christians today are trodden under foot by the anti-Christian media (Matt. 5:13).

Secular critics of Judaism, on the other hand, are usually accurate in their denunciations of Jewish leaders and the Jewish religion. But they lack the love and Biblical perspective that will commend their message to a deeply brainwashed, skeptical church and world. Result: They are doomed to fail.

The Biblically balanced approach has been neglected over the past centuries. But it’s reviving today, as desperately needed as when Christ presented it 2,000 years ago. I bring this approach to hundreds of talk shows and many dozens of e-alerts. It played a powerful role in persuading the ADL-dominated Philadelphia justice system to free 11 persecuted Christians. It also seriously crippled ADL’s attempts to pass its federal hate bill last fall. I also believe my implied threat to alert hundreds of thousands of evangelical pastors to the Jewish origins of the Book of Daniel may have played a part in NBC’s cancellation of the show.

Also consider this: ADL is way behind schedule in reintroducing their federal hate bill in Congress. Can it be that they fear another round of national exposure on talk radio, as Rev. Ted Pike alerts millions in the church, nation, and world concerning the racial and spiritual identity of those behind freedom-stealing hate laws?

So, how should we respond this Easter as the Jewish media foxes sneaks into the sacred garden of Christian truth?

Give ‘em both barrels!

End Notes:
1 Jewish Encyclopedia article on Jesus, p. 170.
2 Sanhedrin 106B.
3 Sanhedrin 107B.
4 Gittin 56B.
5 Sanhedrin 106B.
6 Foxman, p. 72.
7 The president of Sony Corporation of America is Emily Susskind, chairman and chief executive officer is Howard Stringer, and executive vice president and chief financial officer is Robert Wiesenthal. Many more Jewish names occupy lesser positions.
8 In my book, Israel: Our Duty, Our Dilemma, available at, I present a wide spectrum of legal, commercial, and ethical ways in which Jews are encouraged to deceive or defraud Gentiles.

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